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Hello, I'm Samantha – a devoted wife, passionate nurse in emergency medicine, and outdoor enthusiast. I believe in a healthy lifestyle, stay active through regular workouts, and cherish family moments with my husband, our adorable dogs, and loved ones. Join me as I navigate a fulfilling career, an active life, and cherished relationships.

As a Medispa Nurse, I blend aesthetics and medical care to deliver safe and professional cosmetic treatments. My services include laser hair removal, skin resurfacing, tattoo removal, and more, all while prioritizing client well-being. I create a welcoming environment for clients to achieve their aesthetic goals, staying updated on the latest advancements for effective treatments.

More About Me.

Experienced and dedicated, I am an Emergency Room Registered Nurse with a passion for delivering high-quality patient care. With eight years of invaluable experience in the field, my commitment to helping patients during critical moments has only grown stronger. I completed my nursing education at the University of Rhode Island, where I honed my skills and gained a solid foundation in providing compassionate care under pressure. I thrive in fast-paced environments, ensuring each patient receives the attention they need to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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