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Thea Robinson, LPN, is a key member of the Laser Center of Milford medical team. Our experienced nurses, alongside Dr. Blomstrom, offer various treatments, including Botox, fillers, laser hair removal, and more. Nurse Robinson, a top graduate of Porter and Chester Institute, excels with a certified permanent makeup artistry background. She's been a nurse since 2019, pursuing further education towards an RN Esthetician degree. With a background as a former 911 Dispatcher and a passion for aesthetics, Nurse Robinson's goal has always been to serve others. She understands the importance of feeling confident and believes that enhancing one's appearance can significantly impact self-esteem.

The professional yet welcoming atmosphere at Laser Center of Milford resonates with Nurse Robinson. She emphasizes a medical foundation for treatments, ensuring both cosmetic and health considerations. The clinic employs advanced technology to address a wide range of beauty concerns, from self-consciousness to lifelong skin issues. Nurse Robinson encourages those interested to come in for a consultation, assuring exceptional care for their skin. Patients often express the sentiment, "I wish I'd done it sooner," reflecting the transformative impact of their treatments.

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