Skin Peels

“Uncover your smooth, youthful skin!”

Your Laser Center of Milford Skin Peel Treatment:

Treat wrinkles caused by the sun and aging
Improve the look, color and texture of your skin
Great results for your face, neck and hands

PCA chemical peels are light to moderate chemical peels that can exfoliate, tighten, smooth, and improve the texture and appearance of the facial skin and body.

PCA SKIN daily care products are available only through physicians and licensed medical professionals, and can only be administered by professionals who have been certified by PCA SKIN.

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How it works

The chemical peel solution penetrates the skin and works by dissolving the epidermis (upper layers of the skin). The eliminated tissue or dead skin cells eventually slough off, allowing new tissue to emerge.


There is no downtime whatsoever with our chemical peels. You can actually receive a peel on your lunch hour and return to work.

PCA peels are only slightly irritating. You may experience mild burning or stinging, which is transient.

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PCA Skin Chemical Peels are tailored to your skin, your environment, your daily product usage and lifestyle choices.

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Why get your Skin Peel treatment at the Laser Center of Milford?

By staying current on the most modern dermatology products on the market, Dr. Gino Ang is able to offer the newest, most effective treatments for people of all ages and skin types.

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