Gino H. Ang, MD

Aesthetic Specialist & Laser Specialist located in Milford, CT

About Dr. Ang

Gino H. Ang, M.D., is medical director of Laser Center of Milford, a comprehensive medical spa serving women and men in Milford, Connecticut. He consults with patients, helping them achieve their best result. He ensures we offer the latest and most advanced beauty, dermatological and laser treatments.

Dr. Ang’s medical degree is from Ross University School of Medicine in Miramar, Florida. He is board certified in anesthesiology and is on the staff of Midstate Medical Center in Meriden, Connecticut, in addition to Laser Center of Milford.

At our clinic, all patient care is done by a nurse or physician. Dr. Ang oversees the nursing staff. There are no technicians or estheticians. Even dermal peels are done by nurses. This is part of Dr. Ang’s standard of care. “Nurses have more physiological and anatomical knowledge,” he explains.

Laser Center of Milford was created to help people feel more confident, take charge of their appearance and enjoy the beauty they deserve. Utilizing the latest technology, Dr. Ang and his team achieve great results with less trauma to the body. “The aesthetic world has changed dramatically in the past 20 years,” Dr. Ang explains. “In the old days, it all had to be done surgically. Now we can achieve dramatic results without having to resort to something as traumatic as surgery.

“Lesions can be removed with lasers and freezing. Even scars can be removed this way. You don’t have to ‘go under the knife.’ Fat reduction and body contouring can be done with non-invasive treatments. It’s really quite remarkable,” he said.

The requirement for patients is patience, he added. While some skin issues can be resolved in a single visit, others require multiple treatments. Results come gradually, but assuredly. Even significant skin damage can be reversed with multiple treatments available at Laser Center of Milford. “Slow and steady improvement is better than fast results,” Dr. Ang said. “Slow and steady lasts longer, looks better.”

One of his greatest joys is helping people look better, feel better about themselves and project confidence. “We are all bombarded with negativity and stress on a daily basis. If you think you’re ugly, people pick up on little cues, even subconsciously. We’re all a little insecure, right? The good news is that the opposite applies equally well,” Dr. Ang said, “If you feel beautiful, you project confidence. People pick up on that too. Relationships blossom. Business deals close. You feel better.”

Dr. Ang’s philosophy is always doing what’s right by the patient. “There are times we talk people out of a procedure when they really don’t need it or it’s not appropriate. Because it’s not about the money. For us, it’s always about the people,” he added.

In addition to local philanthropy, Dr. Ang is lead organizer of a medical mission to the Philippines. Tulong sa Kapwa (Helping Our Neighbors) Surgical Missions is a volunteer organization of medical professionals who perform surgeries free of charge for poor and underserved patients. Dr. Ang was recognized by the Filipino President for his service. He has organized nine missions to date, and is actively planning the next one.