Alma Ang, RN

Nurse located in Milford, CT

About Nurse Ang

Alma Ang, Registered Nurse, is head nurse at Laser Center of Milford. She is Dr. Ang’s wife. As a family business, Laser Center of Milford can be more flexible, more supportive and more caring than the beauty franchises so typical in this business.

Nurse Ang is uniquely qualified to support her patients in their beauty journey. You see, she was a therapist before she became a nurse. In addition to her nursing degree, she has a degree in Psychology. For 21 years she was an Intensive Care Unit nurse at Yale University Hospital, before helping her husband start Laser Center of Milford more than 6 years ago. She also works with her husband on the surgical missions to the Philippines, offering nursing care and assisting the surgeons.

“I really like when people come in and ask, ‘What can you do for my face?’” Nurse Ang said. “Your face is so important. It is your capital. It is the first place we look when meeting someone. We try to ‘read’ each other’s faces. You make money with your face. You attract relationships with your face. You show the world your face.”

The good news is there is a lot that can be done. Acne scars can be removed. Moles and age spots too. Skin tightness, texture and tone can be improved. Unwanted hair can be removed permanently. “Don’t cover up. Invest in your skin,” Nurse Ang advised.

One of the favorite parts of her job is educating her patients. “The new technologies are truly amazing,” Nurse Ang said. “And we keep up with the best machines and best practices at Milford Laser Center.”

The other favorite part of her job is when a patient comes in after his or her fourth treatment and says, “You’re the best thing that happened to me.”

There is one other area of care Nurse Ang wanted to be sure to mention. Transgender people have special needs and Laser Center of Milford is especially sensitive. “We treat every patient with respect. We also have a lot of experience helping people understand their skin and hair options while transitioning. We can help guide them,” Nurse Ang added.