Treatment Areas

technician performing laser hair removal procedure on a womanBoth men and women can benefit from laser hair removal for various areas of the face.

Women: unwanted facial hair can be a huge source of embarrassment for women — but it doesn’t have to be. Removing facial hair with lasers is a fast, easy and more comfortable alternative to other methods such as waxing or electrolysis. The procedure can take as little as 10 minutes per treatment and you don’t need to grow out the hair for it to be effective.

Men: men who dislike shaving can also benefit from laser facial hair removal. In addition to eliminating the need to shave every day, laser hair treatments can also be used to give men a tidier appearance by reducing the amount of hair in areas such as their eyebrows. (It should be noted that special care must be taken when using lasers around the eyes.) Laser hair removal also will prevent irritation and the development of folliculitis, in which one or more hair follicles become inflamed.

Laser hair removal is quick, easy and less painful than other treatment options. Several sessions will be necessary, but you’ll find the treatment long-lasting. As they age, some patients may decide to use laser to treat new facial hair as it develops. Compare laser hair removal to electrolysis, depilatory creams, and waxing:

Electrolysis uses low-level electricity to kill the hair follicles. It is generally recommended for women with white or very blond hair. On the upside, results last longer than with waxing and depilatories. However, the process can be time consuming, painful, and costly. Finding a reputable practitioner is key, because electrolysis performed incorrectly can cause scarring. Before you begin treatment, ask for referrals from former clients, and make sure that a new needle is used for each session.

Depilatory creams dissolve the hair at the base of the follicle. They are ideal for widespread areas (like the legs), but can be problematic when used on the face because they irritate the skin and usually don’t remove all of the hairs. On the plus side, depilatory creams are a relatively inexpensive option. On average, results will last for one to two weeks.

Waxing is one of the most popular solutions among my patients. Generally, it is an effective method to remove hair on the upper lip and fine hair on the side of the face. Waxing can also be problematic for darker-skinned women, who sometimes experience discoloration due to irritation and inflammation. Depending on the type of hair you have, waxing results should last from two to six weeks.

Back Hair Removal

a muscular African American man touching his bare backBack hair removal can be a real lifestyle and health benefit. As anyone with back hair knows, it’s not pretty, and it can even increase body odor. Sometimes back hair can irritate the skin, making it itchy and, in some cases, causing infection. The discomfort is worsened with exercise, warm weather and associated sweating.The hair presentation can vary from very dense to sparse. Either way, laser hair removal can be extremely helpful in reducing, or eliminating undesired hair.

First, laser hair removal, while not fool-proof, offers a more permanent method than others (such as shaving, waxing and creams) which have various limitations. The back, for example, is hard to reach, making shaving on your own difficult. Of these three hair removal approaches, waxing offers the longest time for hair-free skin–lasting several weeks. But waxing the back can be irritating to skin, which can even result in pigmentation of the skin and, of course, can be a fairly uncomfortable procedure.

One laser session can cover the whole back and, in four to six treatments, patients will see significant results that will be further improved with continued treatments.

Even men with thicker, coarse hair can see results through laser hair removal. This is particularly important to people who find the hair on their back irritating.

Laser hair removal for back hair may not be perfect, but there are important advantages for every patient. Several potential lasers and light sources are available, each having a specific benefit for the patient, depending on the patient’s skin color, hair color, hair thickness and hair density. The use of the laser, and other light sources, have allowed for a real advance in the treatment of these patients.

Chest Hair Removal

Chest hair removal can be of interest to some men. Like unwanted back hair, thick or excessive chest hair can be a source of embarrassment. Some men do not like having hair spill out from their shirts, or they may be uncomfortable going without a shirt in public. Tweezing or waxing can also be impractical since chest hair grows quickly and shaving will lead to quickly appearing stubble.

There are various solutions for unwanted chest hair, but laser hair removal is becoming increasingly popular due to the time, ease and more permanent results of the treatment. Laser hair removal is relatively quick and can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more, depending on the amount of hair and the size of the area being treated.

Laser hair removal is also much less painful than waxing and much less time-consuming than shaving, which must be done frequently to remain hair-free.

Athletic men, in particular, may enjoy the benefits of laser hair removal to achieve better results in their respective sports. Laser hair removal will also allow athletes to better show off their physiques.

With laser hair removal for chest hair, many men are happy to find their chests relatively hair-free after four to six treatments.

Leg Hair Removal

Leg hair removal will help you to get rid of any unwanted hair on your legs. For many women, the idea of never shaving again would be akin to winning the lottery!

Laser hair treatment to remove unwanted leg hair looks and feels smoother than shaving and can save hours of precious time. For women who wax, laser hair removal can also be more cost-effective (and less-painful) over the long-term.

While it’s not guaranteed to completely eradicate leg hair, laser hair treatment can reduce the amount of hair you have and it can also lighten the color of the hair and make it less noticeable.

The procedure takes about an hour for both legs. Five to seven treatments, six to eight weeks apart may be all that’s needed to achieve significant

Bikini Area

Like other anatomical areas, laser hair removal of the bikini area is dependent on such factors as hair color, skin color, hair strand thickness and density. Although hair removal of the pubic area is widely sought after, and effective, there are more than just aesthetic concerns when treating this area. The bikini area is also a region of common occurring folliculitis, inflammation and infection of the hair follicles. Not only does this result in itchy and painful lesions, but fairly often secondary hyperpigmentation and darkening of the skin occur from the inflammation. Fortunately, the laser has been very helpful in reducing, or eliminating, hair growth and diminishing, or stopping, recurrent folliculitis.

Not only does laser hair removal stop the folliculitis, and subsequent skin darkening, but some of these laser systems are beneficial in reducing hyperpigmentation, and persistent skin redness, which occurred from earlier episodes of folliculitis. This exciting secondary benefit to laser hair removal is very appreciated by the patient. Having a bikini area that is free of hair, irritation, and discoloration, can be very desirable.

In three to six treatments, bikini laser hair removal may accomplish a permanent reduction in the majority of pubic hair. The procedure is very rapid and well tolerated. Even the hair that remains is many times reduced in diameter, making them significantly less of a cosmetic issue while also reducing the irritation of the hair follicle. Overall, this procedure is commonly performed with high patient satisfaction.


Women often shave their underarms daily and some may desire a more permanent solution. Because the surface area is small, laser treatments are very quick and can eliminate the tedium of daily shaving.

Underarm laser hair removal is a common procedure for patients seeking to remove unwanted under arm hair. Each pulse of laser light removes the unwanted hair in the underarm region. The laser targets those hairs which are in their growth phase, and as hairs go through cycles, multiple sessions may be needed to remove all hair permanently. Since there is usually a small area to treat armpits, removal of underarm hair is one of the fastest procedures in laser therapy, requiring only several minutes of treatment time.


Shaving and waxing isn’t always practical for men or women with excessive arm hair because of the issue of stubble. Laser hair removal can thin out excessive arm hair or remove it entirely, making it more attractive.

Unwanted arm hair can be unattractive, unsightly and cause many people to be insecure about their appearance. Often traditional remedies like shaving or waxing offer only a short term solution to the problem. In many cases by the time the irritation of waxing or shaving has passed, the problem hair has begun to return. Laser hair removal now offers a lasting solution to unwanted arm hair.

A patient may receive lasting results in 5 to 8 treatments, with typically less pain or discomfort than waxing. Treatment sessions last less than one hour, though treatment time may vary based on your hair thickness, density, surface area being treated and other factors. Annual maintenance treatments may be needed to ensure the hair does not grow back.